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    Assume, like presume, has taken on various senses in its history. When we say ‘I assumed he will not be interested’ we are using it in a similar sense as presume (i.e. take it for granted) and when someone assumes an office or new responsibilities he is taking on new responsibilities (of the office). Similarly, if someone assumes a tough stance or assumes a cooperative attitude they have adopted or taken   Read More ...

    Presumption, like presume, can be used in various senses such as overconfidence or arrogance (his presumption in announcing a date for their engagement without waiting for a confirmation from her, made her really angry), supposition (my judgment is based on the presumption that humans act rationally and in their own interest) and also the basis or reason for presuming something – lets now talk about the presumptions that hold up   Read More ...

    Lt sumere means to take (or buy) and if we add prefix con- to it we get the root for consume (as in, he was consumed by jealousy i.e. taken or eaten up) and consumption (high consumption of red meat has been linked to heart diseases). Replacing con- with pre- we get presume, presumption and presumptuous. Presume earlier referred to the act of taking on a responsibility, duty etc without   Read More ...

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