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    Did you know: Education of children received laudable attention in ancient Athens. The school curriculum was divided into three categories: writing, music and gymnastics. At the age of six, the child was enrolled in one of the many schools run by professional schoolmasters. There, his day typically started with classes on writing, reading and arithmetic. This was followed by the music class in which he learnt how to play the   Read More ...

    Morbid fear of heights, especially when it is irrational (for e.g. when one is not particularly high up or is safely secured) – is often and incorrectly referred to as vertigo – perhaps, at least in parts, due to the popularity of Alfred Hitchcock‘s psychological thriller film by the same name. Vertigo which comes from the Latin verto (meaning: a spinning movement) actually refers to a type of dizziness in   Read More ...

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    Interregnum, Regale, Regnant

    Posted on Dec - 6 - 2011

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    The Incorrigible Criminal

    Posted on Nov - 29 - 2011

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    Regime, Regimen, Regiment

    Posted on Nov - 22 - 2011

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    A Pedantic Pedagogue

    Posted on Aug - 29 - 2011

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    Sutra and Sartorial

    Posted on Sep - 26 - 2011

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    Agility, Agency, Agitation

    Posted on Nov - 15 - 2011

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    Nebulous or Nuanced

    Posted on Oct - 17 - 2011

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    Patrons and Patriarchy

    Posted on Oct - 31 - 2011

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