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    Indulge comes from Latin indulgere (treat with undue favour, give rein to). A father indulging his child is thus pampering her and when one indulges one’s craving, one allows one’s cravings a free rein. From this indulgent gets the sense of permissive or tolerant (as in, indulgent grandparents). Latin licere means to be permitted or allowed from which we get licence and licentious – which has taken on the negative connotation of sexually   Read More ...

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    Greek arkhos means chief, leader or ruler and if we add the prefix an- (without) to it we get anarchy, which literally means without a ruler and is often used to refer to a state of disorder and chaos (esp social or political, such as can be expected when there is no ruler). An anarchist, one the other hand, is a person who believes that there should be no government   Read More ...

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    Related to Latin regere (to guide, keep straight) is another Latin root rex (or reg-) meaning king. A regal stride or stance is thus ‘king-like’ and regalia literally means (rights and privileges) of the king or queen. Later, regalia also began to be used to refer to the crown, emblems, ornaments etc used at the coronation, from which it gets its sense of elaborate clothes or decorations, as in, the   Read More ...

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